The Best Social Media Platforms For Business

The Best Social Media Platforms For Business

The Best Social Media Platforms For BusinessThere was a time when Facebook was for friends reconnecting, updating each other about their lives and circumstances. Not anymore. Today, there’s as much news and advertising on there as there are updates and messages from friends and acquaintances.

It’s the same with virtually every other social media platform out there. As consumers become more glued to these platforms, vendors are following them there with their marketing, ads and promotions.

If you’re in business, it’s certainly worth your while today to look at these platforms in a different light. They’re now useful for your own marketing campaigns.

So which are the best social media platforms for your business?

Why Social Media?

Today’s consumers are spending a lot of their time on any, or all of the popular social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, to name a few. According to Blue Corona Measurable Marketing Solutions (Blue Corona), “Facebook accounts for one in every six minutes spent online and one in every five minutes spent on mobile.” That’s a big chunk of potential market!  The Best Social Media Platforms For Business

The digital media have taken on a whole new role in human business interaction, not just simple human interaction. On it, you can use online content to market your business and products. You can use it to connect with suppliers, vendors, and consumers. Your ability to use the medium will also inform consumers, especially younger consumers, how tech-savvy your business is, and that can open you up to a whole new market you probably never thought you could reach!

The possibility to expand is huge, and the available markets are virtually limitless.

The Obvious Five, And Who’s On Them

Who are the obvious frontrunners. Well, Facebook and Twitter seem to be right up there, along with Instagram, Pinterest and, LinkedIn.  All have built-in markets, and businesses are keen to explore the possibility of reaching them by establishing a presence in each platform.

But you have to pick the right platform for you, your market, and your product.


The Best Social Media Platforms For BusinessThere are over a billion daily active users on this platform. And the largest percentage of those users by age belongs to the 18 to 49 age-group, followed closely by those who are between 50 to 64 age bracket. A majority of men and women are on it, and its user base is spread across all education and income levels. So you’d be crazy not to have a presence on this platform!

Add to this the fact that Facebook is a local Search Engine Optimization (SEO) signal, which means that search engines look at your company’s Facebook profile before they respond to local searches.


The Best Social Media Platforms For BusinessTwitter, since the 2016 elections, has become the center for news, political and otherwise, trends, and opinions. Using 280 characters or fewer, you can express your thoughts on just about anything.

The majority of users are between the ages of 18 to 49, mostly college educated individuals. A quarter of its users are men, another quarter are women, and close to 60% of users have an income of over $50K.

Twitter is great as a customer service tool. Whether you want to praise or complain about a business, you can Tweet that business. As a business, this ability by your market to give you feedback on your service is invaluable.


The Best Social Media Platforms For BusinessIf you have a visual product, Instagram is probably the best platform for your business. It’s a photo app that allows users to upload and share their images. It’s a big hit among Millennials. It’s also owned by Facebook.

Users expect high-quality pictures. Don’t use stock photos, they will know. And that’s not going to win you any admirers.

Close to 60% of its users are between the ages of 18 to 29. Most are women at 38%, compared to 26% men.


The Best Social Media Platforms For BusinessIf you have a hobby, Pinterest is the platform for you. It’s a virtual billboard, allowing you to “pin” pictures of event and plans that you have, that your followers can “like,” and “re-pin.”

As a business, you can link pins to your website, your blog, even directly to products on your website. The majority of users are between 18 to 49 years old, with the overwhelming majority, around 45%, are women. Close to 70% have some college level education or are college educated.


The Best Social Media Platforms For BusinessLinkedIn is the social media for professionals. It’s a great place where they can network with other professionals inside and outside of their industries. Their profile will include their credentials and skills. But most of all, it is a place where users can find strangers who they can build professional relationships with.

As a business, there are two things you need to keep in mind regarding LinkedIn. According to Blue Corona, “four out of five LinkedIn members drive business decisions,” and “LinkedIn’s audience has 2x the buying power of the average web audience.”

Sixty-seven percent of LinkedIn users are between the ages of 19 to 49, and 50% are college educated, with an additional 27% with some college education. Most are men at 31%, but with women coming close at 27%.

How To Determine Which Platform To Partner With

So which platform is best for you?

Well, as you can see the information in the preceding section of this article, it all depends on what market you’re targeting. This means you have to know what market your product(s) serve. And this is something you ought to have known beforehand.

Your market will be determined basically by age, gender, and buying power. And buying power is determined, to some extent, by your market’s education level.

The Best Social Media Platforms For BusinessThe Best Social Media Platforms For BusinessThe Best Social Media Platforms For Business

So look at the demographic information on the users of each of the top five social media platforms. If you know your market, the demographic information would tell you which platform is best for your business. Ultimately, you might end up using more than one. But that’s fine. It just guarantees that you will expose your business to a wider audience.

The Up And Coming Three

There are three other platforms that are just now coming to the fore, as social media tools for businesses. Briefly, they are:


The Best Social Media Platforms For Business

Google+ is obviously connected to Google. So expect Google to favor anything that’s posted on Google+ That’s something that businesses can utilize in order to improve SEO.


The Best Social Media Platforms For Business

This is a public journal that businesses can use. They can post pictures and content that they can link back to their business websites.


The Best Social Media Platforms For Business

This platform is hardly new. But businesses are starting to use it as a marketing tool, producing video tutorials, video blogs, or simply as video introductions about their businesses and products.

Jump On To The (Digital) Bandwagon!

As technologies progress, the markets’ attitudes and preferences change with it. Often, it’s the businesses that adapt to the change first, that come out of the transition stronger than the competition.

Most established businesses have tech support that will help them leverage new technologies to improve their bottom lines. But most start-ups don’t. If you’re a start-up, or maybe wanting to start an online business, you need to find a mentor and partner that will not only help you develop the tech side of your business, but also educate you on how to properly utilize social media platforms to serve your digital marketing needs.

There are many mentoring websites available online.   But there’s only one that provided me a structured educational platform with live help, live video classes, keyword research tool, private coaching,  private access to owners (for real!) complete with a supportive online community that provides website comment and feedback on top of moral support.   Wealthy Affiliate (WA) is the best fit for me.  Check WA out and see why I believe they can be a perfect fit for you, too!

The Best Social Media Platforms For Business

It’s important that you learn your skills from the best mentoring program in the industry.   It’s a new economy based on new technologies. Don’t shortchange yourself by going for second best.

 The Best Social Media Platforms For Business






6 thoughts on “The Best Social Media Platforms For Business

  1. Great article! As a professional, my go-to social media platform is LinkedIn. Personally, I also use Facebook and Twitter to connect with friends. However, I have found that you can easily connect with other professionals on Facebook and Twitter as well. The key is making sure that your profile is professional! I do not use any other social media platforms besides the ones I have listed, but as a growing online entrepreneur, I may look to the others after reading this. Thanks!

    1. Hi Ben!

      I guess we all have our preference. What works for you might not work for others, and vice-versa. I suppose it all depends on how you use each platform, and what your comfort level is for each one.

      I am glad you found the article useful. Thank you very much for your feedback!


  2. I use most of these platforms but I never considered using Linkedin. I definitely will be adding my websites to my profile. How else do you recommend leveraging Linkedin? Thank you for sharing!

    1. Honestly, Daybe, I’ve never used LinkedIn. I do know that it’s mostly for highlighting your professional credentials and affiliations, and the platform allows you to make connections where overlaps occur. Mostly professionals networking. I’ve never had any particular use for it. Which is to say that I cannot give you a truly objective and definitive advice about it.

      But the rest, I have started to explore and I have had mixed results this early in my attempts. I can see myself dropping a couple of these platforms moving forwards and concentrating only on the few that consistently delivers.

      Thank you for the feedback! Good luck!


  3. Thanks for the info on the best social media platforms for businesses. It looks like no matter what age group you are targeting, Facebook is the way to go. Google Plus also seems good because of the fact that Google favors it!

    1. Hi Sandra! I tend to agree with your assessment. Especially since those are the two that I am on most of the time. I am familiar with both platforms, and in the case of Google +, you’re right. That Google connection does come in handy, I believe.

      Thank you for your feedback! Good luck!


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