2018 Wealthy Affiliate Review – A comprehensive and thoughtful assessment

Like me, you’ve probably been searching for a platform that will help you build an online presence that you can transform into a business.  And chances are, you’ve come across Wealthy Affiliate during your search.

In this post, I will provide you my Wealthy Affiliate review.  It will be an honest and thoughtful assessment of one of the leaders in the affiliate marketing industry.

Wealthy Affiliate – Helping Online Entrepreneurs Since 2005

Two guys, Kyle Loudoun and Carson Lim, started Wealthy Affiliate (WA) in 2005, originally offering highly searched keywords to online marketers.  Through the years, it has evolved into an organization whose stated goal is to help people succeed online by teaching them the tools they need to successfully build, launch, and sustain an online business.  

Using the experiences that the two founders have gained over the years to build their own successful internet-based business, they developed training programs that impart on to their members the skills that took years for them to learn, distilled into training modules that are easy to digest and comprehend.  

Wealthy Affiliate – Service Overview and Ratings

  • Name: Wealthy Affiliate
  • Owners: Kyle Loudoun & Carson Lim
  • Membership: 900K+
  • Website URL: www.wealthyaffiliate.com
  • Training: 4.5 out of 5.0
  • Support: 4.8 out of 5.0
  • WordPress Hosting: 4.5 out of 5.0
  • Success Stories: 4.5 out of 5.0
  • Price: Starter Membership (Free), Premium Membership ($49/month, $359/year)
  • RealDealAffiliate.com Rating: 4.8 out of 5.0

The Process

The focus of WA is teaching budding internet entrepreneurs the process by which they can actually build their business.  And they’ve come up with four steps each member should follow:

Choose an Interest

Build a Website

Attract Visitors

Earn Revenue


On the face of it, it all sounds simple enough.  But it’s not.  And they tell you that.  But they walk you through each step, making sure that you do not move on until you fully comprehend and master the skill sets that are in each module.  

Completing each course imbues the trainee with the corresponding skills and knowledge to build one piece of the puzzle at a time.  The goal is that by the time you’ve gone through the training regimen, you will have chosen your niche, physically built your website, and start populating it with content.  And with the knowledge you’ve gained about keyword searches, driving traffic to your site, populating your site with product links and ad from advertisers, that before too long, you will start to earn revenue from your site or sites.  You can have more than one.

Choosing Your Interest – A niche you can live with

The first, and in my opinion, the most important step in the entire journey, is choosing a niche you can build your business around.  And while it’s easy enough to say that you need to choose something that you’re really passionate about, the whole process is actually harder than it sounds.  

The WA team acknowledges from the start that this will be a difficult, but not an insurmountable task to accomplish. What they tell you is that while it is important to choose the right interest, they also suggest that you don’t have to overthink it.  Just pick an interest that speaks to you, it may be something that you are knowledgeable about or it could be one that is of particular interest that you can research on.  And go with that.  And this is important because their goal is to get you started.  The rest of the training then builds on that one decision.

**** Members receive in-depth training on how to properly choose their niche!  You can also access a community of members who will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.  Premium members have direct access to the founders, themselves!  ****

WA has a hosting platform called Siterubix.com that simply and almost effortlessly, walks even internet neophytes through the process of creating their very own website.  The actual platform being used is WordPress.  And signing in leads you to the back office of WordPress where you can customize your site.  

They’ve made this process so easy that you can build one within

minutes!  They have templates all prepared for you to choose from.  And with WordPress, you have access to over 2,000 themes that you can use for your website appearance that can go with any topic you have in mind.  

**** Free membership comes with two free websites you can develop and be hosted on SiteRubix.com!  Premium members can have up to 25 domains and 25 websites! ****

Attract Visitors

At the same time you’re building your website, you will go through modules of lessons designed to help you maximize your site.  Specifically, lessons that will help you direct visitors to your new website.  

Visitors to your site will be the lifeblood of your business.  They will dictate the rate by which your business will succeed.  And the training you will receive in WA will give you the tools to make this happen.

Writing content or posts plays a big part in driving traffic to your site.  Through the various training, you will realize that writing about things you are passionate about should not be that hard.  They will constantly remind you of this.  You don’t need to be a literary genius.  You only need to be knowledgeable.  

****  Wealthy Affiliate trains members on how to effectively attract traffic to their sites!  Click here to learn more.  ****

Earn Revenue

Part of what you will learn will be to access the many thousands of affiliate programs on the web that gives you the opportunity to earn off of their advertisements.  One of the many tasks you will do is joining these affiliate programs, like Amazon.com, or Walmart.com.  And there are literally thousand others online!  

There are over 3 billion internet users and millions of products online that you can potentially promote.  Depending on your niche, and the traffic that visits your site, the probability that any number of those visitors will click on your links, and then actually lead to a sale, is not insignificant!

****  Wealthy Affiliate is a leader in the affiliate marketing industry!  They’re training to help members pick their niche, build their sites, attract traffic and earn revenues through the promotions of literally millions of prospective products from thousands of advertisers is among the best around!  Click here to learn more.  ****

Some Reasons Why Members Join

Top-Notched Technical Support

Members have at their fingertips, access to a team of technical support that not only responds to their questions in a timely manner but will follow through with that support from beginning to end.  

Personal Mentoring

One thing new members will find unique is the fact that the two founders themselves take a personal hand in training and communicating with all the members.  They routinely provide all the training videos, answer questions, and provide important feedback to members.  Top this off with easy access to both founders, themselves, and you know they are personally invested in your success.  And that is a comforting thought.

A Caring, Supportive and Responsive Community of Members

Another unique aspect of WA is the community of members that are there to help support each and every member, whether they are new or old.  Anyone can post a question to the community and within minutes, you have members chiming in with support, suggestions, video links to resources you can access that will answer your questions.  And you really feel that sense of “belonging!”  The whole culture is that of kindness, helpfulness, and supportiveness that you don’t often find in any other organization of this size.

Jaaxy Keyword SEarch

Jaaxy is the most advanced keyword search tool in the market today.  It was built specifically for internet marketers to help them better leverage their sites, and attract more traffic to them.  This tool is available for free to WA members.  

Weekly Free Classes, and hundred of replays online

All members have free access to these weekly classes about what’s new in the industry that they can use to help them on their businesses.  And there are hundreds of video lessons available online for all members to access and replay.

Affordable, Efficient, Up-Front, No Upselling

I learned this first hand.  I tried another affiliate marketing group and with their approach, you had to pay up thousands of dollars first before you get the meat of the training that they offer.  There is that constant reminder to upgrade your membership or you’ll lose out on the “exciting opportunities” that is available only to those who pay to get to the next level.  

With WA, there’s only that one fee that you pay either monthly ($49), or the yearly, discounted fee ($359).  And with that fee, you have access to EVERYTHING the company has to offer.  And while free membership does have limitations, the knowledge and skills that are still available to free members are enough to allow anyone to start their own business online.  

And finally, which is the most important aspect of this group that really attracted me to them is the fact that they do not upsell me on anything.  Sure, like any business, there are things that if you invest more, you get more.  But frankly, you don’t need them in order to move forward.  

Final Word

This platform truly is more bang for your buck.  It’s efficient, all-inclusive, totally open, and their mentoring approach will suit many first time online users.  It’s also very affordable, and surprisingly robust!  

My suggestion to all first time and even experienced online users who are looking for a partner who will really help you build your very own online business now is to give Wealthy Affiliate a try!  You won’t be disappointed.  

If you have any comments or questions, please, do not hesitate to leave them below.   Thank you!


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  1. Wow, great review and very well written in a very easy way. I am not a expert in this field, just a beginner, It helps me a lot in understanding all about wealthy affiliate and how things work. Thank you so much for this useful article.

    1. Thank you, Sarah! And we’re glad you found the article useful. We hope to continue to give you the kind of articles that you will find relevant moving forward.

      This world of online business and blogging can be truly intimidating, especially to those who are coming into it just now. It helps to have people out there who are able to share their experiences with you. And that’s what we want to be able to do. So we’re truly happy whenever readers say that they found our posts informative and useful.

      In the meantime, should you have any more questions or comments about this, or any of our other posts, please, do not hesitate to drop us a line in our Comments box.

      Louie & Gigi

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