How to Quit your Job and Make Money Online

How to Quit your Job and Make Money OnlineHave you ever wondered, how do you quit your job and make money online from home or from anywhere in the world?

I’ve held maybe eight different jobs over the course of my life.  I was an army reservist, a lab technician, I worked for a realty company as an accountant, and I worked for a quasi-government agency that promoted exports. Now, I’m a nurse, and this is the longest job I have ever held, going on ten years now.

One thing that researchers say about the generation that grew up in the seventies and eighties is that we will hold more jobs than our parents and grandparents did.  This makes us the generation that looked at quitting our jobs and moving on to something else as not necessarily a death sentence. And with the advent of computer technology and the internet, the appeal of starting and maintaining an online business from home or from anywhere suddenly became a real possibility.

When to call it quits

You can’t just quit your job and decide that you’re going to start an online business.  You have to have something that’s up and running and earning before taking this crucial step. Because once you quit, there’s no going back.

How to Quit your Job and Make Money OnlineSo, when is the best time to quit your job and start your online business?

Well first, you need to have an idea. This idea cannot be just anything you heard someone else do and succeeded in.  It has to be yours. You have to be passionate about it because it will be the only thing that will fuel you through the challenges before you even see your first real success.

Ideally, you might not want to quit your day job yet while you’re in the planning and conceptualization stage of your online business. You will need money for your daily needs, and an online business that has yet to take off the ground cannot provide you with the cash that you will require to live.

What we’re trying to build is a home-based online business.  You slow down when you’re earning enough to supplement your income. You quit when you start to make enough to replace what you’re earning.

But like everything else in life, it’s easier said than done.

A Vehicle For Your Passion

How to Quit your Job and Make Money OnlineWhat is your passion, then? What idea has been tossing around in your brain now for years, maybe?  Whatever your idea is, you need a vehicle to get your passion out there in the world wide web.  You need a website.

You need to write about your passion and publish it in a website.  You don’t need to be a good writer to do this.  Just write as if you’re talking to someone about your thoughts and ideas.  If you don’t know how to create a website, you need to find the best online mentor that will provide you with the knowledge you need to set up your own website, all without breaking the bank.  And I think I might just have the right mentor for you!

It took me a long while, but when I found this online resource, I knew it was the right one for me.  There are so many online offerings out there that claim to teach you website development and affiliate marketing.  But when you read their reviews, you will also see a lot of people who tried them but have since had buyers’ remorse.  So don’t waste your time and money searching because I have done that part for you, and I have found an honest and credible online coach that I believe will satisfy your needs.



So this is your first task before you even do anything else. Identify what it is that you are passionate about and then make your plans to translate that passion into a business by learning how to build a website that will successfully market your idea.

But will it fly?How to Quit your Job and Make Money Online

Consider this. There are over three billion internet users in the world. Each one of these users is, at one point or another, searching for something online. And literally millions transact business online. It’s not inconceivable for you to assume that you can grab some of that business for yourself.  Think about your idea and ask yourself if there is a need out there that it answers.

But it’s got to be more than just your gut feeling. You have to do the groundwork. Research your idea. Study it. Go to your local public libraries. They’re a great resource! That’s your taxpayer money at work. Remember, while Google is a great thing, you can’t Google everything. Or, at the very least, you can’t get the kind of in-depth information that you need to get yourself started on the right foot.

Make Sacrifices and Be Prepared To Do the Work

Toshniwal and Mehra funded Y Media Labs with their own savings and credit cards, and then took no cash out of the venture for the first two years while they built a solid customer base and refined their mobile-app technology. “We lived a very frugal life,” says Toshniwal. “In fact, we took such a hit financially that we almost gave up.” This isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Notes Toshniwali, “If you work for someone else, you always get paid no matter how the business is doing.” Not so with a startup. (From “It’s All About Timing” By Jon Dwoskin, Home Business Magazine Winter 2018 issue)
How to Quit your Job and Make Money OnlineThat was a rather bleak warning for people who are thinking of starting an online business. But it’s true, nonetheless. Just because it’s discouraging doesn’t mean it’s not useful information, or advise. You must take heed, then, of this warning.  Even people who think they are well-prepared will not see a profit for quite some time.   Starting an online business is the same way.  It takes time and patience.  People go through 4 years of college before they get employed and earn an income, right?  It’s the same way with online business.  But it should take shorter than 4 years.  If you do it on the side, consistently giving 3 to 4 hours each day learning and mastering how to run an online business through Wealthy Affiliate (WA) University, getting the help from WA owners and members (it’s a great online community by the way), your posts will soon be ranking in Google, Yahoo, and Bing and readers will soon find your website.

So where do you get those 3 to 4 extra hours to learn the online business?  Make your time productive.  That means cutting down your TV hours.  Don’t waste your time hanging out in facebook or other social media portals.  Say no to after work or weekend social gatherings.  If this is the price to pay for your eventual success, just do it!

Hail to the Chief!

How to Quit your Job and Make Money OnlineThe purpose of starting your online business is to be your own boss. You want to work for yourself and for nobody else! You want to do things your way, promoting the things you want to promote. And you want the revenues to be all yours, too.

This is not an impossible dream. It’s still hard, but closer to possible now, for many people, especially in this day and age. You just need to keep in mind the roadmap that we outlined for you above. You are the boss. You need to be suitably knowledgeable. You need the right partner to help you start on the right foot!  And you have found the right partner in Wealthy Affiliate.  This could just be the first step you’re looking for!

Preparation and training are the keys to your success. And that’s what we’re here to help you with. To help get you the proper training that you will need to realize your dreams before you quit your job.

Let me know your thoughts.  Please share your comments below.  Thanks!





8 thoughts on “How to Quit your Job and Make Money Online

  1. I had been conned not once,twice but three times by trying to get rich fast and not being able to know the right channel
    To do online business until i got Wealthy affiliate, this is te best and true way to start online business.Thank you for sharing this

    1. Thank you, Marcy! I’m glad you liked the article.

      There are many schemes out there that are dubious in nature. And a lot of people have been taken in. When we find something that works, it feels good to share.

      Thank you again! Have a great day!


  2. Thank you for this inspiring article. I am one of those who yearn to earn a living online so that I can spend more quality time with my family and don’t have to commute into work through traffic jams every day. I have worked for myself for most of my life so this lifestyle is something that I highly value because of the freedoms it brings. However, I also agree with you that it takes time, commitment and effort to grow any business and see it turn a profit. The great thing I like about starting an online business is that for me, it doesn’t feel like work. I can attest to the fact that Wealthy Affiliate is a wonderful place to start learning the skills. I am a member and I find it to be incredibly informative, up-to-date and the community of people there are so helpful that any question I have is answered.
    One question for you though: do you think it is feasible to quit your job within a year of starting? I wonder what your thoughts are? Look forward to hearing from you and thank you again.

    1. Hi Gail!

      You echo my sentiments exactly. I guess this is why we’re doing this. And Wealthy Affiliate seem to really deliver on its promise to teach you the skills you need to start and maintain an online business, as well as provide the support, be it technical or from the community, to continue and ultimately succeed.

      I have read many success stories while I’ve been here, and one thing they all share, the perseverance to continue and not give up. Some found success in a few months, still others took years to finally turn a meaningful profit. One success story in particular had a guy not earn anything for a year and a half. Then he started making so much he ended selling his website for $40K, all within three years of starting! So, it varies.

      My goal is once I’m able to replace my income, and then some, then that’s when I quit work. But like you said, this type of business does not feel like work at all. More like school, what with researching and writing all the time. And I like doing that to begin with.

      So thank you for your comment, Gail! I wish you luck on your business! Have a great day.


  3. These are some interesting points for starting out a business. I have been wanting to look into working from home so that I could have more time with my family. I don’t have the credit cards or savings to start a physical business, but what you say about Wealthy Affiliate sounds very interesting.
    I love the words be my own boss.
    If I could make time to put the 3 to 4 hours in, how long do you think it would take for me to see progress in my business?

    1. Hi, Lee Ann! Thank you for your comment.

      You know, I love those words, too! LOL!

      I can’t tell you when you’ll find success. All I can tell you is that like any business, you need to learn the craft, you need to put in the time, and finally, you have to have a product that sells. In our case, it’s ideas, and things that we hope people will find useful and helpful. Like I said to another visitor to the site, this business has its share of success stories, and one trend they all share is perseverance.

      Some make their mark within months of starting out, still others take years before they turn a serious profit. And still, there are others who give up from sheer frustration. It’s unfortunate because with billions of internet users, and hundreds of millions of transactions online, it’s hard to imagine how one cannot get traction in this business, given the time and effort they put in.

      I wish you well on your journey! And thank you again for your kind words!


  4. Hey there,

    I have been struggling between quitting my job to go start off a marketing business I have complete faith will work for me.

    I even have a plan and a series of execution steps which I know ill work.

    The problem is, I cannot work on the business while I’m still on employment. There is no time for me to work on both. I have to choose one.

    What is your advice on it?

    1. Hi, Dave!  Boy!  That’s a tough decision you’re facing.

      I personally am still employed, but my schedules are somewhat different than most.  I have stretches of days that I am free to work on my websites, writing and taking care of business.  But different people approach this venture differently.  And there is no one-size-fits-all approach to this.  

      There’s a school of thought that says that you should drop everything and concentrate on your business 100%.  Unless you give your business all your time and energy, you will not succeed.  And that, I must tell you, is a very gutsy move.  It’s a gamble that if it fails, could be very catastrophic.  But it works for some people.  

      Others are more comfortable about this approach because they might have some money saved that will allow them to give their start-up their entire attention for at least some time.  The good thing about that approach is that the pressure to produce, and produce quick is not too strong.  

      Then there is the approach that I’m taking.  This works for me because my schedule allows me the time I need to devote to my business.  I’m also not at liberty to drop everything because I do have kids who depend on me bringing home the bacon.  If I were single, and perhaps a little younger, then maybe I would take the chance.  But not under these circumstances when other people depend on me.  

      Of course, some people may say that since I don’t have the pressure to make a profit fast hanging over me, that I will not be as motivated to move forward.  I don’t believe in that.  I think your motivation should come from someplace else, and not from that threat to your survival if you don’t succeed.  I believe enough in what I’m doing and in why I’m doing this.  My goals are clear and I know what’s waiting for me at the end of this journey once I succeed.  That’s what motivates me.  

      My advice to you is to take a real honest look at your situation, take stock of your pros and cons.  Are you young?  Do you have enough money saved.  Do you have an emergency fund?  Are you married and have kids depending on you making a living?  These are legitimate questions anyone considering on starting a business should ask themselves.  Especially if they are considering on doing what you are considering on doing, which is to drop everything in order to pursue your dream of starting your own business.  And only you can answer these questions to your satisfaction.  

      I wish you luck, Dave, whatever decision you make.  You sound like a man with a plan, and the determination to see it through.  I hope everything falls in place for you.  Take care, and thank you for your comment!


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