Jun 26

Tips On How To Save Money On Amazon

Brad Tuttle of Money.com, late last year, wrote about simple strategies on how to save money when shopping on Amazon. If you’re like us, you probably signed up for Amazon Prime for its free shipping for members. Brad Tuttle suggests that if that were the case, then we might not be saving as much as […]

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Apr 28

Financial Life Hacks – Tips and Advice for Saving Money

In today’s world, convenience is everything. Vendors and businesses have latched on to this phenomenon and have made it easier for consumers to shop, and purchase their products. Often, online. In most instances, delivered the next day! Given such an environment that is so friendly to consumers, how can one even manage to save anything? […]

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Apr 26

5 Ways to Improve the Environment Through Your Home Office

A lot of companies are encouraging employees who can, to work at home. And the reasons they’re doing this is to save money.  The less space they need to accommodate all their employees on a daily basis, the better it is for their bottom line. Still, some companies are doing this because they believe, as […]

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Apr 04

Travel Light Tips and Avoid Extra Airline Fees

If you’re a frequent flyer, or someone who travels by air often enough, then you know that the hardest part of your trip is dealing with your luggage. And the amount of luggage you have will depend on what you consider to be essential items. Most travelers fall into two basic categories. The “maximalists” and […]

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Apr 02

VA Veterans Benefits – What some veterans may be missing out on

We usually think of United States Veterans as old men who are either disabled or just worn down with age.  You know, our grandfathers, who fought during WWII, the Korean War and the Vietnam Conflict.  But veterans today are comprised of young and old men and women who have dedicated their lives to the service […]

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Mar 29

Follow These Guidelines To Find Long Distance Moving Companies That Are Legitimate

Moving. Never an easy affair. Can you imagine moving further away? To another part of your state, or even out of state! About nine years ago, we moved to our current house, from our starter home, less than three miles away. And while it wasn’t too problematic a move, we still had trouble looking for […]

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Mar 20

How to Save Money on Grocery Shopping and Still Make Healthy Choices

Next to your mortgage and car payment, your grocery budget could rightly lay claim to being your third largest expense every month. It’s a recurrent expense. You need to eat. But part of today’s world is the realization that you need to have healthier choices, for everything you do. And that includes healthier food choices.One […]

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Mar 18

Best Tips on How to Buy a Used Car

One thing I’ve learned over the years is that a car purchase is one of the more expensive component of your debt, next to your mortgage and maybe, if you have them, your college loans. But unlike these two loans where the value of the items you purchased normally appreciates, once you drive your new […]

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Mar 05

Stretching Your Vacation Budget – Smart vacation planning

Have you ever been in a position of wanting to go on a vacation but realize that you can’t afford it?  We’re not talking about those two to three-hour drives from home to a nearby park, resort, or amusement centers, to spend a day with your family and maybe a few friends. We’re talking about […]

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Mar 03

How I Taught My Kids To Save – Raising Money-Wise Kids

There was no class on financial education when we were growing up. At one point during a social studies class, we had a project where we “bought and traded” stocks from corporations we saw on the stock exchange. While that taught us the basics of how the stock market worked, it hardly gave us an […]

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