Jun 05

Find Out How Baby Boomers, Millennials And Generation X Use Social Media

There are a lot of preconceived perceptions about every generation. Even outright misconceptions. Especially around the issue of social media use. Millennials, being the youngest of the three generations, are often perceived as the generation that use social media the most. On all platforms, and with the most duration. On the opposite end of the […]

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May 17

How To Finance Your Business Without Going Bankrupt

I just had an online discussion recently with someone who wanted to start a business but wanted to quit his job first before doing it full time. He wanted my advice. And I was candid about how I felt about it. I know this kind of approach is favored by some. They believe that if […]

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The Best Social Media Platforms For Business May 15

The Best Social Media Platforms For Business

There was a time when Facebook was for friends reconnecting, updating each other about their lives and circumstances. Not anymore. Today, there’s as much news and advertising on there as there are updates and messages from friends and acquaintances. It’s the same with virtually every other social media platform out there. As consumers become more […]

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Apr 27

8 Good Work Habits To Improve Your Physical Health And Mental State

It’s starting to sink in. Some businesses are starting to get on board with the premise that the health of their businesses is tied to the health of their employees. Home-based businesses are not exempt. The same truth applies to them, as well. Just on a smaller scale. In fact, it can even be more […]

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Apr 16

Best Home Office Setup for Peak Efficiency

Working from home may sound simple. You envision yourself working from anywhere in your house. The kitchen, the living room, your bedroom, the basement. But your home can have distractions, too. So early on, you need to designate a spot where you will do most of your work. Now, some people may have enough room […]

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Mar 26

The AWOL Academy Review – Is Keala Kanae Legit?

Although my wife and I have very stable, and decent-paying jobs, we are still anxious about the future. We have retirement funds salted away. We have a rough idea of what our Social Security pensions are going to be like when we retire. In short, we know that we will have a decent amount of […]

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Jan 21

How To Raise Capital For Your Business

Someone asked me what they needed to do to start their own online business.  And offhand, I said an idea, a laptop, and an internet connection.  But I forgot the most important thing.  Capital. Show Me The Money Granted, capital to start this particular online business does not take much.  You have no product but […]

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Jan 18

Starting An Online Business From Home

First Steps To Starting An Online Business I still remember when we first got Google Adsense linked to our Website.  Seeing those Ads on our page really meant, for us, like our website became really legitimate!  That was a very exciting moment which started, unremarkably, with a YouTube video.   Our ten-year-old son showed us a […]

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