May 17

How To Finance Your Business Without Going Bankrupt

I just had an online discussion recently with someone who wanted to start a business but wanted to quit his job first before doing it full time. He wanted my advice. And I was candid about how I felt about it. I know this kind of approach is favored by some. They believe that if […]

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Apr 17

How to Quit your Job and Make Money Online

Have you ever wondered, how do you quit your job and make money online from home or from anywhere in the world? I’ve held maybe eight different jobs over the course of my life.  I was an army reservist, a lab technician, I worked for a realty company as an accountant, and I worked for […]

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Apr 16

Best Home Office Setup for Peak Efficiency

Working from home may sound simple. You envision yourself working from anywhere in your house. The kitchen, the living room, your bedroom, the basement. But your home can have distractions, too. So early on, you need to designate a spot where you will do most of your work. Now, some people may have enough room […]

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Mar 26

The AWOL Academy Review – Is Keala Kanae Legit?

Although my wife and I have very stable, and decent-paying jobs, we are still anxious about the future. We have retirement funds salted away. We have a rough idea of what our Social Security pensions are going to be like when we retire. In short, we know that we will have a decent amount of […]

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Mar 22

Nursing as a Second Career – The Best Career Change Ever!

When my wife and I decided to move to this country in 2001, we had been working overseas full time since we graduated. The work culture that we were used to, and the jobs that we had, would not easily translate to the job market that existed here at the time. Then, after 9/11, the […]

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Feb 13

Garage Sale Success – Second life for your old stuff, added money for you

Spring is just around the corner.  A yearly ritual for every American family is about to begin: sorting through your old stuff and figuring out which ones to get rid off, which ones to keep. It’s not an easy task.  We become attached to our things.  Each member of the family feels differently about the […]

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