Best Home Office Setup for Peak Efficiency

Best Home Office Setup for Peak EfficiencyWorking from home may sound simple. You envision yourself working from anywhere in your house. The kitchen, the living room, your bedroom, the basement. But your home can have distractions, too. So early on, you need to designate a spot where you will do most of your work.

Now, some people may have enough room in their home that they can designate one specific spot as the “home office.” Others may not have that luxury. That’s fine. The idea is to have one spot where you will always do your work. That means this space is meant specifically for this function.

Having a designated home office is important. It gives you a spot in your home where you can keep all your “business” related equipment and items, such as your printer, your laptop, research literature and books. A well-designed home office setup improves your productivity, makes you more efficient, and lessens your distractions while you’re working.

So today, we’re going to be writing about what could be your best home office setup.

Office Equipment and Design that Suit Your Taste

I don’t know about you, but I have not had a desktop computer in over ten years! They are bulky and static. And when you need to be mobile, they just won’t do. Besides, having a desktop and a laptop just for those purposes is far too expensive for people who are starting out.  Best Home Office Setup for Peak Efficiency

Most home offices now seem to only need a few things in order to function efficiently. You need a laptop or a Chromebook, perhaps a tablet. I assume you have a smartphone, so that’s essential, too. You need a printer, something that you can wirelessly connect to would be preferable. And of course, none of these would work well without a good internet system at your home. That is a must!

Furniture are also important. You need a space where you can be both comfortable and relaxed. You need that spot to be distraction-free and clutter-free in order to be conducive to work.

Choose a computer table and chair that you will feel comfortable using for hours every day. Make sure that your decor fits your personal taste and will help you relax while you’re working. Choose background music (if you work better with music in the background) that does the same thing.

You have to make your work space, no matter what the size, as comfortable to you to work in, as possible. Remember, you will be in that spot for hours every day. You might as well make it the best spot in the house!

Administrative Tasks? Use Apps and Technology!

Best Home Office Setup for Peak EfficiencyHaving a home office means you’re on your own. No administrative staff to back you up. Here, you can use technology to act as your back office. There are also apps and technology solutions that you can utilize to help you streamline your processes.

Voice-activated technology has spawned the creation of Amazon’s Alexa and Google’s Google Home. Both can help you with time-consuming tasks such as answering and sending e-mails and text messages, while freeing you to do other things.  Here’s a short video tutorial on how voice-activated technology like Alexa can help make your home office more efficient.

I’ve mentioned this earlier, but using printers that allow wireless access will also save time as it allows you to print from anywhere in your home. There are even printers that accept print jobs from virtually anywhere else that has internet connection!

There are also communication apps that allow you to chat with people from anywhere such as Facetime (if you’re an iPhone user), or Viber. These are free apps you can use to discuss business plans and proposals face-to-face on video.

We live in a world today where technology can help streamline your business to a level business people have not seen before. And that’s likely to get better moving forward. Investing on necessary technology today, while taking care not to overspend on things that you do not need, is a necessary balance each business owner needs to master. But its not that hard. You just need to know what you need.

Organized and Clutter-Free

I know people work differently. But a cluttered work area gives the impression of chaos and will ultimately derail productivity. You might spend a lot of time sifting through papers looking for something that you need and misplaced. And this distracts you and wastes precious time. Make sure all documents are properly stored away.  Best Home Office Setup for Peak Efficiency

Resist the habit of having papers out in the open. File them away, and make sure you label these files appropriately so that its easier for you to locate documents moving forward.

Having a clean and clutter-free work place also helps you maintain a relaxing atmosphere in your work area. It also allows you to be focused. And that’s hard to do that when your work station looks like a war zone.

Finally, visitors will get a negative impression of your home office if all they see is a mess. And this may impact your ability to successfully build business relationships with prospective partners and clients.

Save your Work – Back It Up!

Have you ever lost files because you did not save them regularly while you were working on them? This is more common during power outages, where important documents are lost when the power suddenly goes out. You must be prepared for such eventualities.  Best Home Office Setup for Peak Efficiency

You need to invest on certain technologies that allows you to safely and effectively store data. Acquiring an uninterrupted power supply (UPS) combined with a surge protector, protects your equipment from power surges, and, just as important, gives you a few minutes to save your data and power down your computer.

It’s also recommended to use cloud-based data storage service to back up your files. The other benefit that you get is it allows you access to all your stored data from anywhere! Which opens up a wider area for you to do your work.

Work While You’re On The Go

That’s a great way to segue to our next topic, which is mobility.

Best Home Office Setup for Peak EfficiencyMobility is one of the reasons for working at home. That means you don’t need to be tethered to an office environment to be effective and productive. By extension, that means being able to work from virtually anywhere!

And really, all you need is either a laptop, a tablet, even a smartphone! And WiFi connectivity. And many places now offer that. You will also need chargers, perhaps a wireless keyboard, and a mouse.

One tool we’ve found useful is a data plan that allow us to turn our phones into mobile hotspots. This has truly become handy on many occasions when WiFi connection is either not available or is spotty, at best. Sometimes, my wife works on our website while she’s in the car, and I’m driving. She uses one of our phones as a hotspot and she is able to get a lot of tasks done while we’re on the move!

Using your phone as a mobile hotspot does drain your battery faster, so you do need to have a convenient charger handy. And if your data plan is not unlimited, then you do need to monitor your data usage.


There are companies now that do encourage their employees to work from home either part-time or full-time. They see the value in that business model. This model truly came into its own with the advent of mobile and wireless technology. And people are starting to take advantage of it.  Especially start-ups.

Working at home is so much more rewarding if you’re working for yourself. And that is true for any business. And while starting a business is never easy, and it still requires a lot of work, especially on the front-end, the same technologies that allowed people to work from home has made starting your own online business less tedious, and easier to undertake.  Best Home Office Setup for Peak Efficiency

Mind you, “easier” does not mean “easy.” All it means is that an individual can now accomplish much more tasks than a decade ago would have required far more people, and man-hours, to accomplish!

One such task is actually building a website. Today, you can accomplish this task in a matter of hours, and have it up and running in a day!

All these good habits, when followed diligently, will help you keep and maintain an efficient and relaxing work environment at home. And when you feel good working, you work better, and you accomplish more!

It will be great to hear other home office efficiency ideas from you.   Please leave them in the comments section below so that other readers can benefit from them.  Have a wonderful day!





14 thoughts on “Best Home Office Setup for Peak Efficiency

  1. Hi, Louie,

    Thank you for the topic you’ve chosen! It works fine for me, as I allow a lot of chaos around me while working at home! I have to fight with the clutter to be more efficient and found a few tips that will help me organize my office space better!
    Backup pieces of advice are something I will consider!
    By the way, you’ve mentioned that nowadays building a website can take a few hours only! Do you have a solution you could recommend to me?

    Thank you

    1. Hi Tony!

      Yeah, I think I can help you there. The site is called SiteRubix ( It helped me set up both my site in less than a day. And it links you to trainings that will allow you to maximize the potential of your site.

      Building the site is the easier part. But SiteRubix continues to makes it easy to continue learning and building on what you have accomplished.

      I wish you well, Tony! And thank you for your comment!


  2. I love working at home. And you are right that it is not “easy”. It requires work and time and patience, all things needed on the job for any work I think. But the benefits are amazing. I also like my office space clutter free and organized 🙂

    1. Nothing beats the freedom of working at home! But, work is still work, so you still need the proper ambiance to be productive and efficient. And you can achieve this at home.

      Thank you for your comment! Have a great day!


  3. Thank you for the tips. I admit that I need to find a place for me to work in my home and get it organized I currently work from my kitchen table and have papers strung everywhere. This article has given me a few ideas of where to start.

    1. Hi Taianne!

      I know how that feels, having to use whichever part of your home that’s available to you. We don’t all have the luxury of extra space. I, too, have used the dining room table, a small portion of our bedroom, even the basement. Anywhere where we can have some peace and quiet in order to do our work. But you know, whatever space you use, as long as it provides you with that tranquility that you need to do your work, undisturbed for several hours a day, that space will work as your home office.

      Good luck! And thank you for your comment!


  4. Hey Louie & Gigi,
    I just finished reading your interesting and well-written post on the best home office set up for peak efficiency.
    I found it to be informative and engaging. It was well structured, easy to read and I feel that if anyone just
    getting started would be in super shape if they were to follow your example. My takeaway was the valid point you stressed about limiting distractions. As long as you are able to secure the necessary equipment, it is a definite plus to have these items at your disposal. However, if not, have to “play the hand you are dealt” and work hard to earn enough income to allow for the purchase of upgraded items. By making do with what you have to work with, will show others the depth of YOUR desire to succeed. Another point that was
    of importance to me was the need for a laptop for expanded mobility. I want to thank you both for your
    website and this particular post by Louie. I want to send my best wishes for continued success in your
    quest to achieve your stated goals.

    1. Hi, Kenneth! Thank you for comment, by the way!

      I know that it can be daunting, sometimes, when you have to “play with the hand you’re dealt with.” But there are some very unique ways to work around this problem. Fort instance, there are companies that rent out, not just furnitures, but also computer systems for home offices. There are also places that provide printing services so you do not have to purchase a printer at the start of your venture, especially if you have only an intermittent need for one. And I am not exaggerating about how useful public libraries and their computers and printers are, as well as their WiFi connection. Using their printers are often cheaper than Staples prices per page. And of course, the use of their computers are usually free.

      Acquiring a Google Chromebook is also a good idea because it’s versatile, portable, and the fact that it allows you to store your files in the cloud, saves you from having to provide for a your own storage system. I’ve heard of people starting their online business with only one laptop. And given what we’ve learned so far, I know that this is not an exaggeration.

      “Playing the hand we’re dealt with” often makes us better because we learn to adapt to less than favorable situations. And that makes us stronger. And wiser. Hopefully.

      Thank you again for your comment, Kenneth! Have a great day!


  5. I think that I needed to read this today as all of my work papers are in two piles at my feet. I was wondering how do you go about choosing a cloud-based storage company? Would it be wise to have cloud-base storage and also to back it up on an external hard drive? Thank you

    1. Hello Colleen! Thanks for your comment.

      My wife and I use Chromebooks and they utilize Google systems. That means all our files are stored in Google’s cloud storage. And it works fine for our purposes. Although these laptops do have the capacity to store some files and documents in its own internal storage. If you want to back your files up in an external drive, that’s fine, too. It’s really a personal preference. Some people don’t want to place all their eggs in one basket, so to speak. For us, though, using the cloud is just easier because we’re able to access our files from anywhere, with any computer, tablet or smart phone, as long as we sign in to our Google accounts.

      I’m glad you found the article useful. We wish you well on your own home office ideas. Thank you and take care!


  6. I fully agree that your workplace at home should be the best setup possible. Ideally it should be your own space, where you will not be distracted or disturbed. Having small children around can be a big disadvantage. It also depends where you live and if there is noise from outside (people doing their garden, repairs to their house, a street with passing cars, trucks etc). Speaking for myself, I am most productive when being alone, no outside noises and no disturbances. Then working from home truly is like paradise.

    1. HI Jerry!

      I totally agree. I can’t work with that many distractions.  But, when kids are in school, then you’ve got the house to yourself.  It’s those outside noises that you mentioned, the ones you don’t have any control over, that can ruin your workplace environment.  Often, you can’t do anything but endure them.  

      We’re lucky though because while we live off of a fairly busy road, and just over a mile from a railroad track, we’re still able to have long stretches of quiet during the day that we are able to put in enough hours of productive work.  

      I appreciate your comment, Jerry!  Thank you very much.  And goodluck on working at home!  


  7. Dearest Louie and Gigi,
    I find your suggestions on a home based work place to be very interesting and indeed very significant in todau’s evolving world. Although I would like to take exception with the use of a desktop whike working at home. There are still some people who, although their work is home based, still loves the extra moveable space that a desktop keyboard provides while working on certain documents. I am talking about the feel of the wrist and the key strikes without actually paying attention to the position of the hands, which is a conscious must for laptop and mini laptop users. Also, let us not sweep under the rug the traditional and throwback worjers who actually sits dow during work for concentration and inspuration.

    But otherwise, I like your emphasis on creating a clean and neat work space at home against a background of a sofa and a coffee table with a tee vee blaring out a sport or a news channel.

    Carry on!!!!

    1. Hahaha! Point taken!

      I personally said goodbye to our last desktop maybe 8 years ago, and we’ve been able to function with just our laptops and other handheld devices just fine. Although my son just acquired one huge gaming computer that, by necessity, needs to be a desktop. But yeah, I understand what you’re saying about actually typing on a keyboard that’s separate from the computer console. That much, I miss.

      I, too, need to sit in order to get my thoughts in order before I write. Often, my wife and I would spend hours in the municipal library in order to collect our thoughts and work in some semblance of peace which sometimes eludes us at home.

      I do appreciate your feedback, though. As much as we would like to impart useful information, we also learn from those who share their thoughts with us. So thank you! We hope to hear from you more moving forward!

      Louie & Gigi

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