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Tell me if this sounds familiar.  You’ve worked hard all your life.  You’ve put in the hours, done the advance training or continuing education.  You got that promotion, moved on to a bigger office, taken on more responsibilities.  And yet, no matter how far you got, you know that you’re only able to go so far.  You’re limited by the hours of the day, your responsibilities and obligations, and other people’s expectations of you.  In short, your job and your life, limits how far you can move up.  

My wife and I are nurses and we have been for the last ten years, at least.  Before that, we were corporate minions.  Doing well enough to advance within the organizations that we belonged to.  But still just one out of many workers.

As nurses, our horizons opened up a bit more.  We’re certainly earning more.  But we’re still part of a structure that defines our responsibilities and our obligations.  And while we have more free time, we’re still part of the rat race. We’re still hostage to the system that dictates our every move, in exchange for the salaries that they promised us when we joined.  In short, we were working to make someone else rich.  And only earning enough to be modestly comfortable.  

We needed a change.  For our financial, physical and emotional health.  

Why We Want To Help Others

Like us, there are a lot of you out there who would like nothing better than to replace your income from your day job with one that you can earn online.  And like you, the idea, at its face, seem daunting and impossible.  Until you realize that millions now do their shopping and purchasing online.  And there is no reason why you cannot have a piece of this very large pie!

And we’re just like you.  We knew close to nothing about the digital world.  But here we are, we’ve been developing our own websites!  Our first one we had up and running barely two months into starting this journey.  The second website was created in just minutes! Now, we’re running ads on it, we have links in it to several advertisers like Amazon and Walmart.

We did not know at the start that we can accomplish all these.  But we have.  And we’re still learning.  Despite that, we would like to be a resource that you can tap into.  

As we learn, we want to pass what we’ve learned to you.  We want to help you navigate your way through the maze of information that you will need to unravel to realize your dream of having an online presence.  Ultimately, monetizing it so that you can, moving forward, supplement, or even replace, your income.

The Goal Of This Site

Our goal for this website is two-fold.  The primary goal, of course, is to convince you that your own online business is not beyond your reach.   But just as important, even if you do not start an online business, is to talk about the concept of saving, and being an informed and educated consumer.  And sometimes, that, in itself, is just as important a goal.  

We can motivate you to take those difficult first steps into the intimidating world of online marketing.  We want to walk you through exactly the paths we took to get where we are, and the paths we are willing to take in order to pursue our common dreams.  

At the same time, we can give you tips and strategies to save more, even if you think you’ve got nothing left to save. As long as you’ve got an income, and you’re able to spend on things you want or need, the opportunity to save is always there.  And we can show you where to look for those savings.  

And part of being a smart consumer is knowing the products that are out there that are worth your while to consider. We can point you to consumer items that you may be looking for, and show you comparisons with the more popular brands, and give you the tools to make an informed decision.

We will teach you how you can direct your energies and use them to fuel your drive to move beyond what you know, in order to achieve more than what you thought would be possible.  We will discuss strategies that we’ve used in order to help ourselves hurdle obstacles in our path.  

Our goal is to get you started and get you going!

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