Jun 28

Effective Networking Skills – How to improve on what you already know

All our lives, we’ve been taught that if you work hard, and you do well, you will get noticed, and you will advance in your profession. Sadly, research suggests that there’s very little connection between how well you work, your skills and your overall job performance, and your career outcomes. What has been proven to […]

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Jun 26

Tips On How To Save Money On Amazon

Brad Tuttle of Money.com, late last year, wrote about simple strategies on how to save money when shopping on Amazon. If you’re like us, you probably signed up for Amazon Prime for its free shipping for members. Brad Tuttle suggests that if that were the case, then we might not be saving as much as […]

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Jun 05

Find Out How Baby Boomers, Millennials And Generation X Use Social Media

There are a lot of preconceived perceptions about every generation. Even outright misconceptions. Especially around the issue of social media use. Millennials, being the youngest of the three generations, are often perceived as the generation that use social media the most. On all platforms, and with the most duration. On the opposite end of the […]

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Jun 04

Are You Looking For Your Next Job? Work Your Next Job NOW!

It’s a cycle that most of us find ourselves in. From a young age, we are taught to find what interests us. We are told to pursue that and become good at it. At university, we prepare ourselves by learning more about that one thing that we’ve always excelled in. We pick up the skills […]

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