Feb 28

Cash Back Credit Card Deals – Making the most of what’s being offered

We’ve talked a lot about credit cards, and the need to avoid using them as much as possible, limiting their use to emergencies or for one time expenses that you can either pay off once after use, or in a few convenient installments.  We like budgeting for cash as it alerts us when we are […]

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Feb 23

Cutting Cable For Good -Save money without cable

I don’t know about you, but we used to pay over $80 for our cable connection. And that was eight years ago! We had maybe two or three premium channels, on top of what the basic coverage was providing us. I am not exaggerating when I tell you that we never saw 75% of the […]

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Feb 21

How To Manage Your Credit Card Debt – Our advice to young users

Last weekend, we were’re preparing to meet our younger daughter at her apartment near school to help her shop for grocery items. Before we left, we looked through the mail and opened a bill from one of our credit cards on which our daughter was a secondary user. A minute later, my wife was on […]

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Feb 19

Interior Decorating On A Budget – Check out online furniture deals

Eight years ago, we bought our second home.  It’s a four bedroom, 2.5 bath, three-storey (including the basement), single, detached home.  A little over 2,000 square feet.  Coming from a townhouse unit that was half the size, we quickly realized that we had a lot of spaces to fill. The cost of purchasing this home […]

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Feb 14

How To Get Free Medications – And where to get them

America is unique among industrialized nations.  We are the only one that does not offer some sort of universal health care coverage for our citizens.  And as a result, healthcare cost is one of the leading concerns for many Americans. A Harvard University study released in 2015 showed that approximately 62% of personal bankruptcies in […]

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Feb 13

Garage Sale Success – Second life for your old stuff, added money for you

Spring is just around the corner.  A yearly ritual for every American family is about to begin: sorting through your old stuff and figuring out which ones to get rid off, which ones to keep. It’s not an easy task.  We become attached to our things.  Each member of the family feels differently about the […]

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Feb 12

What Is The Difference Between Needs And Wants? – The 50 20 30 Budget Plan

One of the first post we have on this site was about savings.  We talked about cutting wasteful spending, identifying needs and distinguishing them from wants.  And we touched briefly on some simple budgeting tips. Budgeting is something we all think should be easy to do.  You may think it’s got something to do with […]

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Feb 08

2018 Acer Chromebook 15 Review – A powerful new player in the Chromebook market

An online business necessarily requires a computer.  And today, there are dozens of options to choose from.  Most everyone I know of, though, use laptops.  I know of no one that still uses desktop PCs.  This is not to say that no one uses desktops anymore.  I just don’t know of any. The last desktop […]

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Feb 07

Enhancing Your Mind, Body And Spirit for Success

“Motivation is what gets you started.  Habit is what keeps you going.”  –  Jim Rohn Jim Rohn was an American entrepreneur, author and motivational speaker.  And that quote from him sums up what this post is going to be about. Well, much of it, anyway.   Enhancing your mind, body and spirit demands motivation, and a […]

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