Jan 26

2018 Wealthy Affiliate Review – A comprehensive and thoughtful assessment

Like me, you’ve probably been searching for a platform that will help you build an online presence that you can transform into a business.  And chances are, you’ve come across Wealthy Affiliate during your search. In this post, I will provide you my Wealthy Affiliate review.  It will be an honest and thoughtful assessment of […]

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Jan 21

How To Raise Capital For Your Business

Someone asked me what they needed to do to start their own online business.  And offhand, I said an idea, a laptop, and an internet connection.  But I forgot the most important thing.  Capital. Show Me The Money Granted, capital to start this particular online business does not take much.  You have no product but […]

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Jan 18

Starting An Online Business From Home

First Steps To Starting An Online Business I still remember when we first got Google Adsense linked to our Website.  Seeing those Ads on our page really meant, for us, like our website became really legitimate!  That was a very exciting moment which started, unremarkably, with a YouTube video.   Our ten-year-old son showed us a […]

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Jan 17

About Us

Our Story Tell me if this sounds familiar.  You’ve worked hard all your life.  You’ve put in the hours, done the advance training or continuing education.  You got that promotion, moved on to a bigger office, taken on more responsibilities.  And yet, no matter how far you got, you know that you’re only able to […]

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