Jun 05

Find Out How Baby Boomers, Millennials And Generation X Use Social Media

There are a lot of preconceived perceptions about every generation. Even outright misconceptions. Especially around the issue of social media use. Millennials, being the youngest of the three generations, are often perceived as the generation that use social media the most. On all platforms, and with the most duration. On the opposite end of the […]

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Jun 04

Are You Looking For Your Next Job? Work Your Next Job NOW!

It’s a cycle that most of us find ourselves in. From a young age, we are taught to find what interests us. We are told to pursue that and become good at it. At university, we prepare ourselves by learning more about that one thing that we’ve always excelled in. We pick up the skills […]

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May 25

Millennial Money Habits Change With Age

Google’s online dictionary defines “millennials” as persons reaching adulthood in the early 21st century. They define the birth years as starting from the early to mid 1980s to the late 1990s, and into the early part of the 2000s. Those of us who are older usually see people in their 20s as being part of […]

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May 17

How To Finance Your Business Without Going Bankrupt

I just had an online discussion recently with someone who wanted to start a business but wanted to quit his job first before doing it full time. He wanted my advice. And I was candid about how I felt about it. I know this kind of approach is favored by some. They believe that if […]

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The Best Social Media Platforms For Business May 15

The Best Social Media Platforms For Business

There was a time when Facebook was for friends reconnecting, updating each other about their lives and circumstances. Not anymore. Today, there’s as much news and advertising on there as there are updates and messages from friends and acquaintances. It’s the same with virtually every other social media platform out there. As consumers become more […]

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Overcome the Challenges of Your Online Business Growth May 14

Overcome the Challenges of Your Online Business Growth

So now you’ve taken the plunge.  You’ve started your online business.  And for a while, things will seem like they’re still up in the air.  Slowly, after the euphoria of finally making the decision, doubt and the reality of actually making this work, is slowly creeping in. That’s normal. Every business goes through this phase.  […]

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Best Tips for Millennials on How to Start a Business on the Internet ​ May 12

Best Tips for Millennials on How to Start a Business on the Internet ​

We’ve talked a lot about people starting their own businesses. But we sometimes forget that the demographic best suited to starting a home-based, online venture are millennials. This is the generation that grew up on the internet and on all the gadgets that make our world today so different from what my generation remembers growing […]

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May 09

Best Tips on Staying Healthy While Working At Home

Tell me if this has ever happened to you. So, you’re working at home, slugging along, when you get the urge to make yourself coffee. That’s fine. You need a break. But as you’re making coffee, you realize that the kitchen is a mess. So you start washing out the dishes that have piled up […]

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Apr 28

Financial Life Hacks – Tips and Advice for Saving Money

In today’s world, convenience is everything. Vendors and businesses have latched on to this phenomenon and have made it easier for consumers to shop, and purchase their products. Often, online. In most instances, delivered the next day! Given such an environment that is so friendly to consumers, how can one even manage to save anything? […]

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Apr 27

8 Good Work Habits To Improve Your Physical Health And Mental State

It’s starting to sink in. Some businesses are starting to get on board with the premise that the health of their businesses is tied to the health of their employees. Home-based businesses are not exempt. The same truth applies to them, as well. Just on a smaller scale. In fact, it can even be more […]

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